Newsletter 36

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Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

I’ve just completed a new chapter to my website on the Egyptian Gods. About 3000 words of text describing 25 gods and goddesses illustrated with 28 images.
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Mummy portrait of a young woman, 3rd century,

Mummy portraits are realistic paintings of people’s faces that were attached to the mummy case. They were panted on wooden plastered boards using the encaustic method – a medium which involves using heated beeswax to which coloured pigments are added.

Painted Cartonnage (plastered linen) mummy cases date back to pharaonic times, but mummy portraits were an innovation during the Roman occupation of Egypt.
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 Was it was a thirst for beer, and not bread making, that turned early humans from foragers into farmers.”

If you like Egyptian themed horror movies checkout The Pyramid trailer

Tales of Egypt – a game for kids – annoying music but you can turn it off.
Keyboard controls are:- Move = W,A,S,D, J = Attack / Pick, up K = Jump, L = Special attack.
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Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

  • 1000 glyphs, 400 Egyptian word examples, 500 hieroglyphs from the Gardiner list.
  • The history of Egyptian writing and mathematics.
  • Use different types of symbols to write names, secret messages print them onto paper.
  • Recognize king’s names
  • Math calculator functions
  • Print functions for pages and the typewriter.
  • The story of the scribe.
  • Search text functions.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Windows >>

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Newsletter 35

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I’ve just published a new page on Cleopatra – it also features a Documentary on her life.

 Discovering Tutankhamun

Summer exhibition Discovering Tutankhamun tells the story of one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. Find out more about the hunt for the tomb and the thrill of its discovery, and see Howard Carter’s original records, drawings and photographs.

Ancient Egyptian Game of Senet

Some people complained that this page wasn’t on my new Discovering Egypt website.
I must admit I for got it along with the quizzes – which I’ll restore soon.

so here it is Game of Senet page

 Ridley Scott’s Biblical Epic Exodus

I’ve always admired Ridley Scott’s integrity as a film director but check this out – in his latest film ‘Exodus’ he has populated ancient Egypt with white Anglo Saxons. I could understand such ning-com-poopery from a lesser artist of the big screen but find it incomprehensible from Ridley Scott. What do you think?

Egyptian Hieroglyphics for Windows

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

For iPad >>

For Android >>
Note: For the Android reviewers who said “key boards not fitting the screen” It’s not meant to – it’s a side scrolling keyboard for a mobile phone (it’s not possible to get all the hieroglyphs on a phone keyboard)